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Welcome to wanderlustwriter-my  most treasured sanctuary.  I hope you will find your stillness here; it is a place to  be YOU and exquisitely peaceful. It is a place where flaws can shine like the sun and the true inner voice can be celebrated.  At wanderlustwriter you can connect with the deepest and most authentic parts of yourself and expose your humanity  and vulnerabilities with pride. I am a psychologist by profession and a writer by nature.  My work in private practice has taught me so much about people and relationships and the universal quest for peace and fulfillment.  But my writing is my greatest joy and passion- the emotional release that sets me free. As an only child in a sometimes volatile home, I found comfort through my writing. Much later in life through a painful and chaotic relationship that lasted throughout my30's and into my early 40's, I wrote to stay grounded and I wrote to HANG ONTO MYSELF
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 Today in the softer glow of middle age, I write to HELP OTHERS and I write to BE ME. So who is the woman behind the words; the person who built these pages?  She is a recovered wanderer who found her way home through quiet and stillness and trusting her voice. She is a soul now transformed through a grand implosion that broke her wide open and forced her to grow. She is a late bloomer who spent years frozen at the crossroads before rising like the phoenix and learning to fly. She is a woman with a child's heart, a delicate flower reaching up towards the sun.  She is a work still in progress and fantastically flawed. She is humble and proud and she is mine to discover. What is the purpose of wanderlustwriter and why should you linger here? Through my personal journey and the life stories I share, my hope is that you will learn it is NEVER TOO LATE to make changes in your life and it is NOT YOUR AGE but HOW YOU TREAT YOUR BODY and HOW YOU FEEL INSIDE that determines how high you can climb. I did not meet my true soul mate until I was 44.  At this time in my life NOTHING was going according to plan and everything I had envisioned for my life seemed light years away. We were engaged just 3 months later and married 5 months after that. Some might say I am crazy to marry a man I knew for only 8 months. I prefer to call it CRAZY OPEN TO LOVE. It was the PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION I experienced- a transformation brought on by a  GRAND IMPLOSION of chaos and pain that taught me how to finally LOVE MYSELF. And only then was I  ready to open my heart to love. You must believe in yourself and your dreams and NEVER GIVE UP. Life is a CONSTANT PRACTICE and the PRESENT MOMENT is all we ever really have. A wise Rinpoche once taught me that death is a certain thing; only the TIMING remains uncertain. Therefore your chronological age does not determine how close you are to death. Are you ready to start making EVERY MOMENT COUNT? Wanderlustwriter is a place to discover  YOU and celebrate your uniqueness.  It is a place to learn that you can never find home anywhere and you can never feel at home with anyone, until you first FIND HOME INSIDE OF YOURSELF.  And remember, it is not the final destination that matters, rather, it is the journey that counts. So commit to a path, travel light and remember to breath. 
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